Planning your investments is not rocket science. An LIC policy is the simplest way to invest your money for a secure future. It is the only Government undertaking Life Insurance Company in India. Here are some of the key benefits of having an LIC Policy.

  • It takes care of your family’s future
    Even after your death, an LIC policy will look after your family and see that their future is secure.
  • It helps you live a comfortable retired life
    After a certain period of time, instead of paying premiums you can enjoy a regular income from your LIC policy.
  • It saves Taxes
    LIC premiums are exempted from taxation. In addition, in some cases, money received on maturity of a policy or death claims are also tax free.
  • It helps reduce debt
    Having the right Insurance Policy can protect you against car loans, home loans and other forms of outstanding debts.

The best time to get your LIC policy is right now when you are young and healthy. So, browse through our insurance policies and pick the one best suited to your needs.

An alarming fact states that only 10 percent of Indians are insured. Though owning a life insurance policy is one of the most prudent financial decisions, most people neglect it without understanding its gravity. Here are some of the key reasons why buying an insurance policy is important:

Taking care of your loved ones even after you’re gone

The future is uncertain. The least you can do is secure your family financially even after you’re gone.

Dealing with debt

Buying the right insurance policy protects you from outstanding debts in the form of car loans, home loans, credit cards, etc.

Supplements your retirement goals

With a life insurance plan, you can ensure you have a regular stream of income every month till you die. Just like a pension plan, put in some money into a life insurance policy and enjoy a steady income every month after retirement.

Tax saving purposes

The premium you pay on an insurance policy is eligible for a maximum tax benefit of Rs 1.5 lakh under Section 80C, and for tax-free proceeds on death/maturity under Section 10 (D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

You may not be qualified for it later

Life insurance policies are easier to get when you are in the prime of health. It becomes increasingly difficult to get one as you grow older. It is for this reason that it is always advisable to invest in a policy when you’re young.
Some policies come with benefits like the policy owner can avail all or a part of the policy’s death benefit if he/she has very little time to live or needs money for treatment.

Keeping these points in mind, the next question would be, why LIC is the best life insurance policy one can take.

LIC is the leader in the life Insurance sector with the largest number of policies in the world. We have an active customer base of over 33 crores (There are only 4 countries in the world which outnumber the population of LIC policy holders).
LIC holds the World record in settlement of Claims

LIC’s estimated Asset value is more than Rs.25 lakh crores and Life Fund more than Rs.24 lakh crores.

LIC is the most trusted brand in India and has been one of the pioneering organizations in India who introduced the leverageof Information Technology in servicing and in their business

Only LIC policies are guaranteed by the government of India

LIC offers the facility of online premium payment through netbanking on the official website www.licindia.in

Presently, LIC has 73 Customer Zones all over the country where customers can get all the details of their policies besides selected service, during 8.00 am to 8.00 pm from Monday to Friday and during 10.00 am to 6.00 pm on Saturdays

LIC offers the most powerful combinations of unique products, to help you meet all your financial goals, in order to give you a greater competitive edge with better returns

LIC was conferred with more than 32 awards, notable ones being Readers Digest Trusted Brand, Skoch Renaissance Award, Outlook Money Award, Annual Greentech CSR Award, MACCIIBN-Lokmat Award and the Asian Sustainability Leadership Award

LIC is also ranked among the ‘TOP 5 MOST TRUSTED SERVICE BRANDS IN INDIA’ and was voted as the No.1 Most Trusted Insurance Brand in the ET Brand Equity – Neilsen Survey

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is investing in LIC Policy is good?
    -Yes, because any investment done systematically and continuously for long term, gives a guaranteed and high returns.
  • When can I pay the Insurance Premiums?
    -Insurance premium must be paid within 30 days from the due date to avoid interest
  • What is the best tax saving policy in LIC?
    -All LIC polices are eligible for Tax-rebate under section 80C, However to get tax free maturity amount under section 10 (10D) the Yearly premium should be less than 10 times of Basic Sum Assured