FAQ: Why Does Costco Keep The Sales Tax On Battery Core?

Tax applies to the core charge because the allowance for the trade-in is considered part of your payment for the sale.

Does Costco charge a core fee for car batteries?

It’s a core charge. Actually it is an eco fee. Thanks for playing playa. You would figure since Costco has an auto Centre and pseudo mechanics, that they would install the batteries for a nominal fee.

How much is Costco battery core charge?

The Costco battery core charge is a deposit of around $10-$15 applied to the purchase of new batteries to encourage customers to return their old, lead batteries to be disposed of correctly at Costco. Upon the return of old batteries, Costco customers will have their core charge refunded, usually in cash.

Do you need receipt for battery core charge?

Walmarts battery core charge program is an initiative for customers to return old car batteries for recycling. This can also be shown as a “Merchandising Fee” on a receipt.

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Is there tax on a core charge?

When selling a new or used part that includes a core charge, the core charge is taxable. Tax applies to the core charge because the allowance for the trade-in is considered part of your payment for the sale.

Why do batteries have a core charge?

A core charge is a form of deposit paid when you purchase a battery and is refunded to you when a used battery is returned in exchange, either at the time of purchase or when you return to the store with the battery you replaced. Core charges promote battery recycling.

Are Costco car batteries a good deal?

On top of great prices, you’ll also typically find longer warranties (compared to online stores) and free installation. I’ve found that Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Advance Auto Parts are great places to buy a car battery.

Can I return my old battery to Costco?

The battery core charge is used to encourage recycling. To receive your core charge refund, return the old battery to your local Costco Wholesale Tire Shop along with your receipt or the “Order Shipped” email.

Does Costco take dead batteries?

How do I dispose of my old battery? Just return it to your local Costco. You will even receive a core credit as a reward for your recycling efforts.

How long do you have to return a core?

How long do I have to send back the core? Cores must be returned within 30-days of your original purchase date to qualify for a refund. BIG Machine Parts will provide you with a prepaid shipping label for the core return.

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Does O’Reilly pay for old batteries?

If you do have any old lead-acid automotive batteries sitting around, bring them in to an O’Reilly Auto Parts store for recycling and we’ll give you a $10 gift card* for each one, even if they weren’t purchased from us.

Does Walmart give money back for old batteries?

Household batteries fall under the same return policy that most Walmart products do. You can return the batteries within 90 days of purchase as long as they have their original packaging. If you have a receipt, you will receive a refund using the same method you initially paid for the batteries.

Why is there no tax at Costco?

You can shop confidently at Costco because we operate responsibly. That means we follow state and local laws, including those that require us to collect sales tax. The law that applies to the location where your delivery is received will determine if you need to pay tax on your purchase.

Does Costco have tax exempt?

Currently, Costco.com doesn’t offer sales tax exemption at the time of sale. For resale, Costco.com requires the appropriate resale certificate from the state where shipment was delivered. If your purchase doesn’t meet that state’s guidelines, Costco won’t be able to refund the tax.

Does Costco charge tax on their membership?

Taxable or not? Williams explains if it’s a gym membership, you’re not subject to sales tax, but memberships like Amazon and Costco fall under tangible goods and discounted sales. Williams says if annual store membership are $60 or less, they’re not taxable.

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