Readers ask: What Happened To Provident Mutual Life Insurance Company?

On October 1, 2002, Provident became a subsidiary of Nationwide Financial Services, Inc., and was renamed Nationwide Life Insurance Company of America, with the trade name “Nationwide-Provident.” At the same time, it was de-mutualized, with policy holders receiving stock or cash payments.

Who took over Provident mutual?

Friends Provident is now administered by Aviva.

Does Provident Life still exist?

Friends Provident was an organisation offering life insurance based in the London, England. F&C Asset Management demerged from Friends Provident in 2009. In 2018, it merged into its parent company Aviva. It is now part of the Aviva group.

What is Aviva now called?

The company was originally known as the Norwich Union Society (or Union Office) for Insurances on Lives and Survivorships. In February 2000 its holding company, Norwich Union plc, announced that it was merging with CGU plc to form CGNU, which was rebranded as Aviva in July 2002.

Who bought the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York?

On November 16, 1998, The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York successfully completed its conversion from a mutual life insurance company to a shareholder-owned company, The MONY Group Inc. On July 8, 2004, MONY Group became a wholly owned subsidiary of AXA Financial.

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Are Friends Provident now Aviva?

Friends Provident was a life company that became part of Friends Life, which was then bought by Aviva in 2015.

How do I contact Friends Provident?

Call us 0800 096 6064.

What happened to my Friends Provident pension?

If you had a Friends Provident or London & Manchester life and savings plan taken out after 1 January 1999 or a Bonds, Pensions and Shares plan, taken out at any time, these were acquired by Friends Life which is now part of Aviva.

Who now owns Scottish Provident?

In December 2015 Scottish Provident was rebranded to move under the single brand of its parent company Royal London. Royal London is the UK’s largest mutual life and pensions company.

Why are Phoenix Life contacting me?

There are a number of reasons why we might send you a letter – we may be asking you to confirm your details so we can maintain contact with you, it may be your Annual statement or your policy may simply be ending, maturing or reaching retirement age.

Who bought out Aviva Life Insurance Company?

Apollo Global Management completed its purchase of Aviva USA on Wednesday for $2.6billion. The West Des Moines-based insurer is being incorporated into the private equity firm’s Athene insurance arm and will be known as Athene USA.

Is AXA and Aviva the same company?

“AXA XL has invested in and developed an established and market-leading UK private clients team over the past several years; however, as part of a strategic realignment, we have decided to sell that part of our business to Aviva,” it said in the statement sent to Insurance Business.

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Does Mutual of New York still exist?

The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York (MONY) has been successful for most of its history. MONY is the oldest continuous writer of insurance policies in the United States.

Is MONY insurance still in business?

As a subsidiary of Protective Life, MONY still exists but does not appear to be writing new business. Existing policyholders can receive support through the Protective Life website, and for the moment those policies are still held in the MONY name, although they are administrated by Protective.

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