How To Pay Life Insurance Online?

Follow below steps:

  1. Go to Bill Payment or Pay bill or BillPay/Bharat BillPay/ Pay Bills tab.
  2. Select Insurance, select HDFC Life, Enter Policy Number and Date of birth.
  3. Verify the premium details and authorize the payment using available payment option. Click here for list of banks and wallets.

How can I deposit my premium account online?

To pay premiums through the insurer’s website, visit and click on ‘Pay Premium online’ from the ‘Online Services portal’. Here you will get two options: a) Pay Direct (Without login) and b) Through customer portal. This is an option for those who do not want to register with the portal.

Can I pay insurance online?

Now pay insurance premium online at Paytm and get rid of delays. Through online payment, you can pay your premium anytime and anywhere on a timely basis. This is an easy way to pay your insurance premiums conveniently without any hassle.

How can I check my LIC premium online?

Check LIC Policy Status Online (For Registered User) Step 1: You must visit the e-Service Portal of LIC. The screen will show you two options namely, New User and Registered User. Click on the relevant option. Step 2: You will need to enter the LIC of India login credentials namely, your User Name and Password.

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How do I check my maximum life insurance payment?

By Call. You can check the Max life policy details by calling the toll-free helpline number of the company at 18601205577 from Monday to Saturday between 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

What is UPI account no?

UPI is a banking system for money transfers on payment apps. To add a bank account to Google Pay, your bank must work with UPI. Your UPI ID is an address that identifies you on UPI (typically [email protected]).

Which policies are eligible for premium online facility?

Which policies are eligible for payment of premiums through this facility? Policies which are being serviced in networked branches, or those policies which can be accessed through our MAN (Metro Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network). Policies which are of ordinary mode of payment ie.

Can I renew my insurance online?

You can easily renew your car insurance policy online without visiting any center in person. This will help you to practice social distancing as well as enable you to complete your car insurance renewal process on time in a hassle-free manner.

How can I check my HDFC Life insurance status online?

How to Check the HDFC Life Policy Status?

  1. Visit the official website of the ‘HDFC Life’ and click on the tab ‘Customer Service Section’.
  2. Under the ‘Customer Service Section’ tab click on the ‘My Account’.

How can I redeem my HDFC Life policy online?

After you have submitted all the required details, hit the button to request a claim. How Do I File My Claim Request with HDFC Life?

  1. Verify your policy details.
  2. Submit the details of the life assured.
  3. Submit the nominee’s details.
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How can I see my lic policy details?

How to Check LIC Policy Details Online?

  1. Step 1: Go to the official LIC website, fill in your credentials like username and password.
  2. Step 2: Login to your account and select the option ‘View Enrolled Policies’.
  3. Step 3: You will be directed to a page where you can see all the listed enrolled policies.

Can I pay LIC premium online after due date?

The option is available in CUSTOMER PORTAL under Online Payments Tab. Policyholder can also pay it by using PAY DIRECT option after keying in relevant information like Policy number, Insurance Premium, Date of Birth, Mobile number and Email id.

What means surrender value?

The surrender value is the actual sum of money a policyholder will receive if they try to access the cash value of a policy. Other names include the surrender cash value or, in the case of annuities, annuity surrender value.

How do I withdraw money from my Max Life insurance?

In case of NEFT, a cancelled cheque with pre-printed name/copy of bank passbook with banker’s attestation/banker’s attestation on account details in surrender request. You may submit the surrender request with the above documents at nearby Max Life branch. Alternately, you may Click Here to submit your request online.

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