Cancer Cover Policy

LIC’s new “CANCER COVER POLICY” Plan no. 905.

Health is the talk of the town! Demand and Need for Health Insurance is very important for every household!

Health Insurance is the Number 1 priority over Life Insurance!

World is full of uncertainty, Cancer can affect anyone, anytime!

Cancer can occur when the normal checkpoints in a cell’s life cycle are misregulated somehow and unhealthy cells start dividing and multiplying!

There is an alarming rise in Cancer cases in India!

If diagnosed, treatment for Cancer is most expensive!

Staying financially prepared is half the battle won!

LIC’s Critical Illness Product “CANCER CARE” offers a Lump Sum Benefits on Diagnosis of Dreadful Cancer that helps to protect our hard earned income and life time savings!

No doubt, mental strength, emotional strength, support of family and friends, prayers are very important to fight Cancer, but financial strength is also equally very important as well!

While fighting Cancer is an uphill task, being financially prepared for any eventuality is now made easy through LIC’s genuine Cancer Cover Care!

Let us protect ourselves and our loved ones from the ever rising costs of oncological procedures/surgeries, frequent hospitalisation, radiation, chemotherapy, cancer medication, prosthetics, PET scans etc!

LIC’s Cancer Cover offers on detection of

Cancer Stage 1:
25% of Applicable Sum Assured + Future Premiums Waiver for 3 years!

Cancer Stage 2:
100% of Applicable Sum Assured (ASA) + Waiver of ALL future premiums + Regular Monthly Income Benefit of 1% of Actual Sum Assured for 10 years irrespective of life or death of the cancer victim!

Simplified issuance process:
This policy can be taken without any medical tests for Sum Assured ranging from 10 lakhs to 50 lakhs!

Avail tax benefits upto Rs. 55,000/-under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961!

An exclusive option for inbuilt-indexation of 10% increase in Basic Sum Assured (BSA) for the first 5 years!

The claims portfolio is fully owned and managed by LIC (No Third party is involved)

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